About Zeal & Ayuda

Zeal & Ayuda was founded by Alisha, after spending several years organising events and weddings for friends and families across the world. With a background in the Financial Services, she has also worked as a Project Manager and Seminars Coordinator. Alisha also has hands-on experience organising her own events – from selling tickets for underground raves at 15 to coordinating seminars across the UK for large corporate firms. 

An extensive traveller, Alisha grew up in Spain and has lived abroad in Malaysia and is an expert when it comes to creating complex travel itineraries. She loves connecting people and has a network of contacts and friends covering the globe. Alisha’s eclectic blend of organisational skills gives her the perfect foundation for providing professional wedding planning services.

I created my business when I had an epiphany after a family wedding. The wedding planner ran off with the money three days before the wedding day, leaving us to source everything in a different country. From sourcing the suppliers and coordinated all the events. After feedback from family and friends, I realised that this is my true vocation.  I started to learn more about who I am as a person and realised Zeal & Ayuda will be a platform to where I can make an impact on helping couples through their journey.

Alisha, Director

The name Zeal & Ayuda
symbolises what we do.

“Zeal” means having great energy or an enthusiasm to achieve a goal and “Ayuda” means help. So, together, our passion is to help you plan your wedding – we can even be there to support you on the day.