14/04/2019 Alisha Patel

23 Ways to shave some£’s off your wedding

*Starting my first blog post with sharing you some awesome tips on how to shave some penny’s for your big day*

  1. Cater for your guests with a signature cocktail  instead of serving up a full range of beverages. Why not choose to go the extra mile by naming your own cocktail!
  2.  Wedding receptions are not for everyone. Why not celebrate with your loved ones at an organised breakfast/brunch for just a fraction of the price.
  3. With so many incentives for buying cars, many of our friends and family own a fancy set of wheels these days, why not call in that favour and be driven to your big day in style .
  4. Wedding cakes are beautiful, and we spend ample time and effort in designing and choosing the perfect one, who needs another dessert?
  5. Instead of a wide array of drink selections, opt for Prosecco or Champagne for your toast/welcome drinks.  Check if the venue has a corkage fee.
  6. Flowers that are currently in season are widely cheaper than opting for imported off-season alternatives.
  7.  Alternatively, you can always go for artificial flowers.
  8. Why not make your own bouquet at home? Arts and crafts shops usually stock all of the items you would need!
  9. Creating your own centrepieces can be a massive cost cutting area, you can create 2/3 different styles and alternate between tables.
  10. Candles create a beautiful enchanted feel to your wedding, using them across the venue on the head table and guest tables is simple, elegant and inexpensive (provided your venue permit open flames).
  11. Who knows the industry better than a wedding planner? They have access to a wide range of suppliers and can work within your budget while you sit back and relax.
  12. Utilise everyday items that you may already have lying around at home.
  13. Contact local suppliers who may be in possession of unwanted or disused items, they go for a fraction of the price and quite possibly free!
  14. Get in contact with someone new to the make-up artist industry, they may not be well established in their field, but are probably just as good if not better, and will charge you a lot less just to build their portfolio and reputation!
  15. Creating your own wedding favours can be a great way to get friends and family together in the lead up to your wedding. Ordering items of eBay/Amazon/Etsy is easy and you can always add elements of a personal touch and are exactly to your own taste!
  16. You don’t get unless you ask! Suppliers usually increase prices with the expectation of a good negotiator coming along and bringing them down for the best price.
  17. Paper invites are a thing of the past, and require a lot of time, effort and money. E-invites are easy to create and can be virtually cost free, not to mention all the trees you will save!
  18. Get out an old classic and wear your mother’s wedding dress. Times change, as does fashion sense and trends, why not alter it to your vision look.
  19. Wedding venues usually have last minute slots available, and will give it to you for a fraction of the price, as long as the date is suitable for you.
  20. Utilise your network, people you know may have a hidden talent or hobby, and could possibly assist with baking your wedding cake or creating a centre piece or two.
  21.  Getting married during an off-peak month or weekday is always cheaper.
  22.  Amex offer great rewards for travel. Using your points on your honeymoon can save you £’s!
  23. Choosing a venue that is not necessarily in a prime/popular city location is generally cheaper, and can serve as a beautiful and rural setting for your wedding.     

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~With Love, Alisha

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