Guest blog: We’re Not Just Travel – Destination Weddings | Zeal & Ayuda

01/07/2019 Alisha Patel

Guest blog: We’re Not Just Travel – Destination Weddings | Zeal & Ayuda

Zeal & Ayuda has a lot of experience helping clients organise destination weddings across the globe. In this week’s guest blog, we hear from one of our suppliers, Tracy Allen at Not Just Travel, who gives us the lowdown when it comes to booking an overseas wedding.

5 Tips for the Perfect Destination Wedding

I’m Tracy Allen from Not Just Travel. We provide personalised holidays worldwide, which includes destination weddings and honeymoons. We handle every element of your trip on your behalf, from expert travel research to tailored itineraries, tours and activities. Our service and costs are covered by the strong relationships we have with over 400 trusted suppliers. We can arrange visas and transfers – plus, we will even check you in online before you go and while you’re away.

If you’re considering a destination wedding, here are my top five tips:

1. Timing is everything…

As soon as you have agreed a date, make sure you have booked the wedding venue, flights and all accommodation in your chosen destination. If you have a fixed destination in mind, you could end up moving the wedding day depending on availability. Always book early to avoid any disappointment.

2. Can family and friends afford it?

A destination wedding often includes a honeymoon, which is a useful way to save on costs. However, if you want close family and friends to attend, you need to consider their budgets too. Do you want to get married on a remote island beach or in a 5* hotel resort? How much will it cost for everybody to fly out and stay? Remember, during peak holiday times, such as July and August, Easter, Christmas and New Year, you will pay a lot more for flights and accommodation.

3. Rain, shine… or tornedo?

Before you book, have you checked the weather? If you’re planning on getting married in the USA, remember that August is hurricane season. If you’re planning on going down under to marry during the UK summer, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, so Australia might not be as warm as you were expecting. Always carefully check the climate, seasons and average weather patterns before you book.

4. Overseas marriage laws

As marriage laws vary from country to country, you need to make sure that your wedding will be legally recognised. Some countries might ask you to register beforehand at a local legal office, i.e. a magistrate. Or, you might be expected to reside in your chosen country for a set time period before you can be legally wed – for example, France requires 40 days’ residency before you can legally get married.

5. Check the small print

If you’re planning on getting married overseas, always check to see if you need a visa to visit your chosen country. Allow enough time beforehand to apply for this, as visa applications can take several weeks. The Foreign Office website provides visa information for all countries. Also, don’t forget to check your travel and/or wedding insurance covers destination weddings – this is an absolute must when travelling overseas!

Your wedding day is likely to be the most important day of your life, so always check every detail to ensure that nothing spoils your special day.

At Not Just Travel, we are with you every step of your journey. Outstanding customer care is at the very heart of everything we do. For more details, please call 01455 240522, email: or visit