7 Ways Press Freedom has Influenced the Wedding Industry

04/05/2019 Alisha Patel

7 Ways Press Freedom has Influenced the Wedding Industry



press freedom wedding

Press Freedom Wedding

As a wedding planner, I often receive the most elaborate and adventurous requests from my clients. While working with couples and bringing their dream weddings to life, I’ve often wondered how many of these weddings would have never happened if specific changes didn’t occur in society.

These thoughts eventually pushed me to do some research, and I quickly learned that we have the media to thank for a lot of the dynamism in the wedding industry. Some of the things I found were interesting, and I think we can all enjoy and benefit from these facts. Like everything else, I’m excited to share with you 7 ways the press freedom has influenced the wedding industry, and most likely, your (future) wedding too!

LGBT representation

Some two decades ago, LGBT marriages were illegal in most parts of the world. The LGBT unions we celebrate today would have earned us jail sentence, or even worse, public persecution. Thanks to the media’s constant representation of LGBT protests, rallies, and other events, governments eventually heard our voices and granted freedom to the LGBT community.

From the year 2000, several countries including Brazil, UK, USA, Germany, South Africa, Spain, and so on, have now legalized LGBT. Not only can LGBT people get married is these countries, but destination weddings there are totally possible. Double win!

Wedding inspo using Pinterest

For every wedding theme idea, there are several online scrapbooks to draw inspiration for your own big day. Pinterest is the largest online repository of these scrapbooks. Pinterest recently discovered that about 40 million users turn to Pinterest for guidance during their wedding planning process.

As a wedding planner, couples come to our meetings with pins from Wedding Pinterest Boards showing ideas of what they want. This often makes the process easier as we have a clearer guide to bring my clients’ visions to life.  

Click here, for inspiration and exciting ideas on making your Wedding unique.

Borrowed traditions

It’s no longer surprising to see couples take on traditional rites of another culture for their wedding. Some of these rites include henna tattoos from India and Africa, planting a tree for the bride from Czechoslovakia, ribbon binding from Mexico, and so on. Couples find these traditions from watching or reading media content, and sometimes choose to add them to their wedding process.

There are also couples who enjoy the cultures of fictional universes, such as this American couple who had a clearly exciting World of Warcraft wedding. They flew the Horde and Alliance flags, and the bride even marched down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme song.

press freedom wedding

press freedom wedding

RSVP using technology

Couples and wedding planners already have a hectic situation with streamlining all wedding activities, suppliers, staff, and so on. Keeping track of the guests’ RSVPs is just another addition to the crazy process.  

Now, with apps like an RSVP and WeddingWire, couples can keep an organized list of their guests. Other features are also included to help guests pick meal options, submit song requests, ask questions, and so on. All these in one platform so you don’t have to lose sleep, or your hair, over compiling a guest list.

Small weddings made easier with live streaming

Many couples often want a small, intimate wedding, but this can cause a problem as family members, acquaintances, friends, work colleagues, and so on, will all be expecting an invitation. Thanks to media technology, couples can still have an intimate wedding but share those joyful moments with others through live streaming. Live streaming allows you to provide a live experience of your event to people around the world.

Your wedding live stream can also be as private or as public as you want. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube Live allow you to create private streams which are only available to people with a direct link.

Gifting from the couple’s registry

Family and friends are often excited to help out and buy some items off wedding registries, but not everyone finds it convenient to visit a brick-and-mortar store. Thanks to online media, couples can create registries on platforms such as Amazon and Zola.

In the same light, media technology also makes it easier to design and send out thank you notes to everyone who bought items off your list. However, we recommend that you print and mail these lists as that add a personal, more appreciative touch.

Wedding photographs and videos

We no longer have to wait for the official wedding photographers to send us printed wedding photo books. Today, everyone from the guests to the couple can take pictures and videos, save them, or upload them to the internet instantly. Many couples also upload their wedding footage to sites such as YouTube where family and friends can always enjoy the nostalgic feeling of watching a happy wedding ceremony.


What are some of the media interventions you think your dream wedding would be impossible without?


Love Alisha x