Sneha & Amit

Thank you to Alisha for all the hard work she put in for our engagement party and the wedding day.
She helped make the whole process of planning easier with suggesting ideas and options for every step of the way. In addition, Alisha ensured I had fun and actually celebrated the events, taking away the stress out of planning. Her professionalism, dedication and generosity produced magical moments; unanimously acknowledged by all guests. Furthermore, we are always told on many occasions that our engagement and wedding was unique, spectacular and fabulous; countless superlatives.

I would like to thank Alisha SO much for everything she did to make our wedding day so spectacular.
I could not have done it without her! As mentioned above, she made the entire process phenomenal and so much fun! I never once worried about forgetting anything or missing a deadline as I knew that she was taking care of it.

No words could describe how I was truly feeling as it felt like it was the most significant thing in my life at that moment in time. The pressure was on! Nevertheless, Alisha being motivated, determined and focused gave me the confidence to learn and perform a dance with her which left my husband’s jaw drop. I could not thank Alisha enough for supporting me as she was the greatest teacher I could have asked for. She was also applauded for looking and performing like a professional dancer by many of the guests who attended.

You won’t find a wedding planner that is more flexible, reliable and truly honoured to host your wedding. Her professionalism and organisational skills will enable you to truly trust her and leave everything in her extremely capable hands.