Lockdown: 40 fun ways for newly engaged couples to survive quarantine.

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26/03/2020 Alisha Patel

Lockdown: 40 fun ways for newly engaged couples to survive quarantine.

We have been working hard for our clients and their events during this unusual time. We have been figuring out what else we can do to help you. Couples that are stuck together, it’s not easy! So we have put together a list of 40 ways to celebrate your isolation together (or alone). 

    1. Download the Houseparty App and gatecrash a house party
    2. Watch a Disney movie 
    3. Do an in house pre-wedding photoshoot
    4. Take turns in putting together a romantic dinner for two
    5. Make a TikTok video
    6. Whether it is day time drinking or an evening with wine, go through your music playlist for your event
    7. If you are planning to move house after your Wedding, DECLUTTER! 
    8. One of our favourite things to do – KARAOKE! 
    9. Catch up with all your family members, check in on everyone to see if they are ok
    10. Make a 2020 Vision Board 
    11. Practise your first dance
    12. Write cheesy, soppy (or nagging) letters to each other weekly
    13.  Actually on that note,  have you written your vows?  Good time to start!
    14.  Play pranks on each other – April Fools (Hint hint)
    15.  If you are not considered as a vulnerable, volunteer at your nearest hospital / or donate food!
    16. Do each other’s hair – It’s either a big disaster or a real miracle!
    17. Turn the fuse box off and play hide and seek 
    18.  Cocktail night, take turns making creative cocktails 
    19.  Play the Malteaser game with a straw
    20.  Speak to your neighbours if you have any through the fence/ balcony (keep within your social distance 2m!)
    21. Cover the house with sticky notes with funny messages
    22. Plan the ultimate Easter bunny hunt
    23.  Do a virtual fitness class 
    24.  Go old school and pull out the old Nintendo / Playstation
    25. Build a fort and have a sleepover
    26. You could simply go with catching up with work, bills or maybe be creative and set up a business
    27. Watch an educational documentary
    28.  Baking and Alcohol
    29.   Make a funny video of you both 
    30.  Pick an activity each that you want to do then make a deal your partner must do with you  and vice versa
    31.  Unsubscribe your email address from all the emails you subscribed to 
    32.  DIY Self care – Oil your hair, make face masks, have a bubble bath or demand a massage from your partner
    33.  Practice beatboxing together 
    34.  Play the good old fashioned board games – loser has to take the trash out or make dinner
    35.  Work on DIY house projects 
    36.  Try completing a 1000 piece puzzle 
    37.  When you’ve had enough of each other, go into another room and read a book
    38. Play the game – the floor is the lava
    39. Go through old photos of each and reminisce the good memories 
    40.  Make a bucket list

We hope you enjoy but also remember to give each other space.

Stay safe, enjoy your quarantine and be productive! 

Alisha x