World Environment Day: 9 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

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05/06/2019 Alisha Patel

World Environment Day: 9 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding? Today is World Environment Day! The 5th of June was selected by the United Nations to help everyone reflect on how we have all made an impact on the earth, and the actions we can take to protect our environment. You can also take an eco-friendly approach when it comes to your wedding preparations too.

After travelling the world, seeing the amount of litter in the seas really had an impact on me, and inspired me to help contribute and take action. This is something that means so much to me, to be more environmentally friendly. Today I did my bit and contributed to Project Aware.

As a wedding planner, I’ve been to every type of wedding possible, and one thing is constant – weddings can be wasteful. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrations and how over-the-top they can get. However, as I’ve worked with clients who were concerned about having a little to no-waste wedding, I’ve picked up a few important tips everyone can surely use.

Here are 9 ways you can have a guilt-free, eco-friendly, but still super fun wedding.

9 Tips to Help You Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding


Regular fairy lights are powered using electricity (which is generated by burning fossil fuels, contributing to greenhouse gases). Solar fairy lights are powered through a solar panel, and can be set up anywhere, at any time. They come in different modes – flashing, fade, twinkle, etc.  Warm light, cool light or multicoloured – take your pick! These fairy lights are just as bright as the regular ones, but will reduce the environmental impact of your wedding.


Your entire wedding stationery will add up to lots and lots of paper. Cut down on this amount by using eco-friendly invitations, or simply putting your itinerary online. You can set up a (free or paid) website in minutes, customise it to suit your wedding theme, and upload all information on there. You may have to send out physical invites, you may do so using either plantable paper (embedded with seeds which your guests can dispose of by planting) or recycled paper.


Too many wedding souvenirs are either plastic or they come with plastic accessories. Plastics are a major environmental concern, as they are currently clogging up water bodies and harming marine life. Instead, send your guests home (happily) with edible favours such as macaroons, donuts, nougats, biscuits, and rock candy.


An outdoor venue will save both you and the event decorator from unnecessary waste. With natural lighting, you won’t need to burn a lot of electricity to power numerous bulbs. The decoration can also take advantage of the natural greenery or structures and use fewer disposable materials. Outdoor venues can be completely transformed and will still fit right in with your wedding theme.


Gift your guests with items that will stay with them for a long time and cause a positive mindset shift concerning the environment. A good example is a pack of seeds which they can plant. Make sure it’s something beautiful that can fit into any home garden and also look great. Some good options are lucky bamboo, baby toes, and the flowering kalanchoe.


Before your wedding day, lookout for places in the area (such as shelters) that could use the leftover food. This way, once the event is over, the food can be packed up and taken there right away. Not only will you prevent food waste, you will be inviting more people to celebrate with you.


Wedding centrepiece cost a ton of money and are needed for just a few hours. Not to mention the huge bouquets of rotting flowers which are eventually thrown out. Replace these with fruit centrepieces. They can be very arty displays and healthy treats for your guests to snack on during the ceremony.


You know what goes great with a delicious wedding treat? A spoon you snack on! These spoons are perfect for sweet and savoury fillings and can also hold up hot items. They can also be filled up and frozen for a great tasting snack.


I always imagined cruelty-free, vegan, organic makeup would never look that great or stay on for a long time. After recently coming across Jaineesha, an influential cruelty-free Make Up Artist (MUA), her bridal shots look absolutely stunning!

Jaineesha posts daily tips on cruelty-free and vegan makeup and eco-friendly beauty, to making small changes on skin care to household cleaning products. She recently did an amazing Q & A on the Mooncup. Why not consider a MUA with a purpose?

If you feel you would like to try to plan an eco-friendlier wedding, we have lots of ideas!

Reach out to us today for a free call to get started.


Love, Alisha x


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